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I help burned out mamas who are struggling to stick with healthy living tackle the mindset blocks holding them back and design holistic wellness plans they'll actually stick with so they can reclaim their energy and vitality. 

Maintaining your health as a busy mama isn't always easy, but you can find a light

Feeling frustrated by my body, guilty for taking time for myself, and struggling to keep up with it all in the midst of raising a family became the norm for me after having kids.

After my first child was born I was desperate to lose the baby weight (40+ pounds) and feel like myself again, but having very limited knowledge of proper nutrition, exercise, and wellness practices, the only thing I knew to do was restrict my calories and exercise like a mad woman.

And restrict I did.

I limited my daily calories as low as I could get away with, exercised intensely 6-7 days per week for an hour or more, obsessed about counting every calorie and weighed myself daily.

I cut back so severely and exercised so fiercely that I ended delaying my period for over a week at one point. 

When I couldn't take the pressure of my lifestyle anymore I would "fall off the wagon," binge eat everything in sight, and become nearly sedentary until I was fed up with that as well and the cycle would start all over again.

Sure I lost most of the baby weight - except that last 10 pounds that stubbornly hung on no matter what I did - but something always felt off within me. I wasn't balanced and I wasn't happy.

My health and wellness goals were not a way to nurture myself. Instead, they had become a punishment for a body that no longer felt like my own.

I was attempting to control the only thing I thought I could (my weight) not realizing at the time this was because, at a deeper, subconscious level, and for reasons I had not yet uncovered, I felt entirely out of control.

What I eventually learned is that true wellness is more than just finding the right diet or exercise program. To feel truly whole, you have to embrace a holistic approach by focusing on your emotional wellbeing as well.

The struggle comes, not from being incapable, not from lacking willpower or desire, not from having less time or money, but from those deep, underlying limiting beliefs and fears we all hold within us to some degree.

It wasn't until I  uncovered and addressed my anxieties, made peace with traumatic past experiences, and learned to listen to what my body and mind truly needed that real transformation took place. 

Healthy living became (almost) effortless.

I lost the last 10 pounds without a struggle. I felt energetic and more emotionally whole. I figured out how to better balance my own needs with those of my family. And most importantly, I learned how to love my body and my life again.

And I know you can get there too.

No matter what is going on for you personally, there is hope, there is light, change is possible.

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Liane | Holistically Minded


Liane is mindset coach, wellness lifestyle coach and holistic nutritionist in training. She helps busy, burned out mamas prioritize their wellness again, and maintain consistency with healthy living using successful goal setting techniques, powerful mindset shifts, and healing holistic strategies so they can end the cycle of struggle, let go of shame and guilt, and reclaim their energy to become their most healthy, vibrant selves.


  • Certified Mindset and Goal Setting Coach
  • Certified Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach
  • Holistic Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach in training (certification complete summer of 2019)

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