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Interested in working with me? Please see all options below for services provided, guidelines and rates.

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health and wellness for women guest posting write for us


If you have healthy living tips, inspiration, or motivation for women, I would love to hear from you! (Especially other fabulous mommy bloggers!) To submit a guest post, please see the guidelines below.

Pitches that do not follow this outline and are not submitted via the contact form below will not be considered.

If you are a brand, please see my options and rates in the next section. 

Your post must fit into one of the following categories:

  • Natural health and wellness
  • Mental health
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Fitness

In the contact form below, please include the following:

  • Who are you? I want to know you’re a real person! (Do you have a blog? Social media accounts? What do you do?)
  • Why do you want to write for us? I only accept guest posts that align with my niche and message  (see topic ideas above and Start Here page).
  • What are your blog post ideas? Only include the headline and brief description of your idea (s). Please check to make sure I haven’t recently covered this topic.
  • Where have you written online before? If you have a blog, include a link to a post you’re most proud of (again, I want to make sure you’re a real person – I get pitched to by spammers all the time!), and/or if you have guest posted on other sites, please include a link.

Guest Blog Policy:

  • No posts previously published on another site.
  • No affiliate links (I will remove these).
  • Posts must be no shorter than 750 words (Google likes long-form content!)
  • Readability and SEO must at least be considered “OK.” I reserve the right to edit as needed (mainly spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors). If I feel the need to make major changes I will notify you first.
  • Your post will contain the following: one link to your site + 3 social media links (Extra links to your site will be deleted. Links to research articles are ok.)
  • Please include a quality pic of yourself and 2-3 sentence author bio with your final draft.
  • I only accept guest posts from bloggers/freelance writers, not brands.

Please give me at least a week to review your pitch and get back to you. If I feel your guest post is a good fit for my blog I’ll reply and ask for a final copy of your post.

Would you like me to guest post on your site as well? Let me know! Both posts will be continually promoted on all my social media accounts.

collabs sponsored posts giveaways


I’m interested in the following collabs:

  • Giveaways. See examples of giveaways I’ve co-sponsored in the past, HERE and HERE.
  • Guest posting. (see above)
  • Round-up posts and links. Do you have a blog post that would be a good fit for one of my previously published articles? I would love to share it with my readers – let’s exchange links!
  • JVs. Webinar? Podcast? Interviews? Facebook group?


Are you a brand whose product or service would benefit my female readers? I would love to hear from you!

Your brand must align with my niche and message. Please do not contact me unless you have a product or service that fits the natural/holistic health for women niche.

Blog Post ($100-$150)

  • 500+ words
  • Shared to my email list (1x);
  • Facebook page (2x);
  • Twitter account (5x);
  • Instagram account (2x);
  • and Pinterest account (added to pin rotation for 2 weeks)

Social Media Shares Only ($25 each – no blog post)

  • Facebook (2x)
  • Instagram (2x)
  • Twitter (5x)
  • Pinterest (one pin shared for 2 weeks on all relevant personal and group boards)

Brand Mention in already published content (one link – $25) – I will only share links to sites, products or services I feel will benefit my readers. Let me know how your content, product or service will fit into one of my posts.

va virtual administrative assistant services

Virtual Assistant (VA) Services

I am an administrative assistant with over 10 years of experience with various accounting software and admin tasks – I’ve worn many hats over the years!

Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Accounting (Quickbooks, Sage, and Xero)
  • Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint)
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Customer service
  • Email management
  • Scheduling (Outlook, G-Suite, When to Work)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • 1099 annual reporting

Let me help free up your time by taking care of tedious (but necessary) administrative tasks so you can focus on what you do best – being the creative visionary you are!

Please see my LinkedIn profile here for more information and request to see my resume.

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