healthy eating reboot challenge

FREE 7-day healthy eating reboot challenge

7-day healthy eating reboot challenge

Are you ready to reboot your eating habits?

Has summer derailed your healthy eating habits? Here’s how to turn it around . . .

By this time of year, healthy eating may have taken a back seat to summer vacations, endless events and back-to-school madness . . . and worse, your subconscious seems to know that January 1st is nowhere in sight.

Let’s turn this around!

Autumn is the perfect time of year to reboot your eating habits, leaving constant eating out, daily desserts and too many Frappuccinos far behind.

(Did you know some people call this time of year the “second New Year”? I totally get why.

It’s so perfect, in fact, that I have good news to share. If you need help getting back in the “healthy saddle” again, my friends at Ultimate Bundles have teamed up with Katie from to offer a free 7-day Healthy Eating Reboot Challenge for my readers.

Join the FREE 7-day Healthy Eating Reboot Challenge

Here’s how it works:

You register for the free challenge, which runs for 7 days (August 24-30).

Each day, you’ll get a motivational email, along with a mini-challenge.

Most days include a free printable to make completing the challenge even easier!

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have:

  • An organized, healthier pantry (you might be surprised at some of the things Wellness Mama calls unhealthy)
  • Ideas to make everyday lunches a no-brainer (and super healthy, too!)
  • Tips to make healthy meal prep faster and easier than ever (as well as some secret weapons no mom should be without)
  • stress-free meal plan so you can transition into your September schedule with ease
  • Plus, so much more!

You can complete each challenge in just 20 minutes or less each day, but I think you’ll be surprised by how much progress you’ll make over the week.

Join Ultimate Bundles and Wellness Mama for the challenge by clicking here.

But hurry, registration for the challenge ends 8/24/18 and then *POOF* it’s gone!



7-Day Healthy Eating Reboot Challenge

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