Why You Can’t Afford to Skip a Healthy Breakfast

benefits of a healthy breakfastAs soon as the alarm so unceremoniously pulls you from sleep you’re rushing around preparing for a busy day ahead. Whether you have children to get ready for school, or papers to read for a morning meeting, by the time you’ve watched the news, brushed your teeth and slapped on some make-up, you’re already exhausted.

Sound familiar?

It’s no wonder so many busy women end up skipping breakfast altogether and just grabbing an expensive coffee to drink in the car on the way. But there are many reasons why this habit is a no-no for our health. Below you’ll learn several benefits a healthy breakfast has on our bodies plus quick and easy breakfast ideas even the busiest ladies can squeeze into their routine.

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A healthy breakfast provides many benefits to our body’s well-being

Consider the condition of your body when you wake up in the morning. After hours of sleep, you’ve had no fuel since your evening meal the night before – potentially 12 hours beforehand – so your body is in starvation mode.

Think about the words – “break” “fast” – literally the meal which breaks the fast you have been on while sleeping. You need the energy to kick-start your system and get your body ready for the day ahead. According to nutritionists, a healthy breakfast should give you around 30% of your daily calorie requirements. It provides us with energy, protein, calcium, iron, fiber and B vitamins which are all needed to get you through the day. If your body doesn’t receive these first thing, studies have shown your body is less effective at taking them on during the rest of the day.


If you skip breakfast you are depriving your body of the necessary energy to start your day. Eventually the lovely hunger hormone ghrelin will rear it’s head in full force and you’ll be more likely to reach for high sugar, high-fat snacks to compensate. People who skip breakfast tend to end up reaching for snacks around 10 am which doesn’t help if you are trying to lose weight.

In terms of time, breakfast really needs to be eaten between 45 minutes and two hours of waking up. This timing gives you the chance to put the needed fuel into your body to make sure your metabolism is balanced throughout the day. It is also the premium time for your body to absorb any of the carbohydrates you consume, which helps balance out your insulin levels. All of these aspects mean a healthy breakfast really sets your body up for the day and can help curb those mid-morning sugar cravings.

In a study it was revealed that people who not only ate breakfast, but made it their largest meal, lost almost 18 pounds over a three-month period. The other people who took part in the study, eating the same number of calories during the day but consuming most of these for their evening meal, lost only around seven pounds. This study was published in Obesity.


Breakfast brings a large number of health benefits, besides weight loss – providing more reasons why it really is important not to skip this particular meal.

Brain Function Studies have proven that children who eat breakfast do better at school as they are better able to concentrate and behave well. If it has this benefit for our children, then it’s sure to do the same for us!

Ever seen those “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry” Snicker’s bars commercials? This well captures the principle of what happens to our brain, and therefore moods, when we skip breakfast. (No, I’m not suggesting you reach for a Snicker’s bar!)

A healthy breakfast helps to restore glucose levels which assist our brain function. This helps to improve memory, concentration and mood and also lowers stress levels. We all know that feeling of anger that rises up through being hungry (#hangry). 

Don’t bring that kind of negativity on others – eat breakfast! 😉

healthy breakfast ideas


Breakfast is the first supply of energy our body receives when we wake up, making it part of our daily required caloric intake. So many women complain about having low energy levels. While skipping breakfast is not the only culprit of this energy deficit, it’s a good place to start. 

A healthy nutritious breakfast will give you all the energy you need to take you through to lunchtime, and should be around 300 calories as a general rule. If you think about the energy you burn, you need the most in the morning and you need the least in the evening, when you are more likely to park your booty on the couch to relax.

Make breakfast your energy priority!


A published study in Diabetes in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that not eating breakfast could actually increase the risk of diabetes for women. The study showed that women who ate breakfast between zero and six times a week were at far higher risk of developing the disease than those who ate it daily.

Best quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy women

So it’s all well and good to tell you as a busy lady why you should eat breakfast, and why it’s good for you, but realistically you probably already knew most of those things. However, simply knowing you need to eat breakfast, doesn’t mean you suddenly gain time in the morning to start preparing and making amazing morning meals, am I right? That’s why we’ve come up with some tips for tasty, healthy breakfasts that are super quick to make.

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An energy bar and fruit

The combination of a piece of fruit and an energy or protein bar creates a balanced breakfast, providing fiber and vitamins. What can be quicker than peeling a wrapper and a piece of fruit? You could even do it as you head out the door. Just this little tweak to your morning routine could make a big difference to your health!

Instant oatmeal

There are many instant oatmeal packets around now – all you need to do is add water and microwave for a few minutes for a quick, healthy breakfast. Avoid the ones with added sugar and flavors, to keep it healthy. A plain version provides an easy breakfast virtually instantly. An even healthier option is to buy oatmeal flakes in bulk at your natural grocer. Add raw honey or grade B maple syrup if you like a sweeter version.

healthy breakfast ideas

Greek-style yogurt

Go for natural plain Greek-style yogurt and add in fresh fruit for a nutritious, quick and healthy breakfast on the run. Again, this only takes a minute or so to prepare and can make a big difference to your health and well-being. You can easily prep these ahead of time in glass jars.

High-fiber cereal 

Opting for a high fiber cereal will provide your body with a good start to the day as it will help you to feel full quickly. Make sure you avoid the traditional sugar filled cereals since these will only provide empty calories while not necessarily giving the nutrition that your body needs. Instead, reach for more natural cereals and oats that have no processing for optimal nutrition.

Boiled egg and piece of fruit

An egg provides a complete protein while fruit gives our bodies the fiber and natural sugars it needs, creating a balanced healthy breakfast which keeps our energy levels stable. Boiled eggs are easy to cook the night before and have ready in the fridge for a quick and simple breakfast.

Green smoothies or protein shakes

I drink a green smoothie almost daily. Guess how much time it takes me? Ten minutes tops. Green smoothies are quick, simple, and quite possibly the most nutritious way to start your day.

healthy breakfast ideas

For many women, a busy lifestyle brings with it the common bad habit of rushing in the morning and skipping out on a healthy breakfast. But you’re not doing your body or metabolism any favors. The benefits of a healthy breakfast are numerous and too important to miss.

There are plenty of breakfast options which are quick and easy to make so no more excuses ladies! Your body will thank you!







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