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The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Living For Beginners

Simple Steps to Holistic Living for Beginners

40+ Health and Wellness Bloggers Share Tips and Advice for Holistic Living in 6 Dimensions of Wellness

Are you ready to reclaim control of your health and wellness but feel overwhelmed with where to begin?

Are you interested in holistic living but not completely sure you even know what that is?

Then this post is for you!

What is holistic living?

Holistic living is loosely defined as a lifestyle that nourishes us not only physically but also in mind and soul.

It refers to living in a way that cares for the wellness of your body as a whole, recognizing that each system is connected and effects every other system for better or worse.

In addition, when you live holistically, you are showing up each day of your life in a way that is congruent with your deepest values and goals.

Most of us understand this on an intuitive level, however, the fast pace of our modern lives can often cause us to disconnect and fail to honor this wisdom.

Especially if we’re busy mothers, who often put the health of our families ahead of our own, it can be easy to fall into bad habits and neglect our personal health for the sake of the needs of others.

This puts us between a rock and a hard place because if we want to give our loved ones the care they deserve, we must be showing up as our healthiest selves. In order to do this, to thrive not only as wives and mothers but as individuals, requires us to prioritize ourselves as human beings.

Holistic Living for Beginners

How to begin holistic living

Knowing where and how to begin your healthy living journey can be daunting. There is a plethora of information out there. It can be difficult to know what to do much less put any of it into action in your life.

Or perhaps you’ve started down the path of a healthier lifestyle but are struggling to stick with it and need a little inspiration or motivation; some fresh ideas to get you excited about it again.

To help you get started and inspire you on your own holistic living journey, I’ve reached out to other knowledgeable health and wellness bloggers for their best tips, ideas, guides and advice that you can implement into your daily routine.

The following healthy habits and holistic living tips can help you overcome or prevent health problems, lose weight, skyrocket your energy and productivity, jump start your fitness, ease anxiety or depression, and reduce your stress levels.

This is a long list of resources but try not to get overwhelmed!

Keep in mind that holistic living, including cleaning up your diet, starting an exercise routine, incorporating stress management techniques and ditching the toxins, is a process. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your health goals be!

I started making these changes almost 10 years ago. Over this period of time, I have slowly replaced bad habits with nourishing, healthy habits. It may not take you that long to reach your health goals, but don’t feel you need to do everything all at once either!

Pick one actionable step from each category (or less if that feels overwhelming) and commit to implementing that goal until you master it. Continue adding in new healthy habits as you go along. Be consistent, give yourself time and you will see success.

Be sure to click through each post! Many of these amazing bloggers are offering free wellness guides, cheat sheets and printables that will make implementing these new habits much easier.

Need a way to easily plan, organize, and track your goals? Download my free Healthy Habits Toolkit.

**This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you in advance for your support!**

holistic living


I’ve listed healthy eating habits first because it is THE number one way you can improve your health both physically AND mentally. It should always be the first place your start. If you do nothing else, pick something from this list!

Cut out the junk and add in fresh, whole foods

Jenny | Au Naturale Nutrition
Make a Fresh Start With Whole Foods

Christina | Little Sprouts Learning
10 Steps to Clean Up Your Diet For a Healthier Life

Heidi | Healing Harvest Homestead
Clean Up Your Diet for Better Health (9 Categories of Foods From Bad to BEST)

Sherri | To Simply Inspire
Clean Eating Food List Printable

Hannah | Healthfully Hannah
Your Guide To Anti-Inflammatory Eating

Chelsea | Reclaiming Vitality
10 Ways to Sneak Nutrients Into Your Diet Without Taking Pills

Elaina | The Rising Spoon
10 Meal Planning Tips For Beginners (Using Real Food)

Holly | Pink Fortitude
When Healthy Eating Isn’t Enough

From Holistically Minded

How to Eat Plant Based and Like It (without losing your mind or going broke!)

The Best Foods That Help With Anxiety

FREE Recipe Book With 60 Whole Food Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Desserts and Snacks

Regularly detox, cleanse and support a healthy gut

Sam | Holistic Mumma
How to Detox For Optimal Well-Being (what you need to know)

Jordan | Detox and Prosper
The Ultimate Guide To Detoxing for Beginners

Hannah | Healthfully Hannah                                                                                                             5 Mistakes People Make Trying to Improve Their Gut Health

From Holistically Minded

 7 Surprising Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

12 Simple Daily Habits That Keep Your Gut Balanced

Additional Free Resources

Free special reports from The Food Revolution. Click to download.

GMOs: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Family Healthy

Best Brain Foods: 8 Super Foods Your Brain Will Love

Eat To Defeat Cancer: 10 Super Foods to Nourish Every Cell

holistic living


It goes without saying that regular physical activity is essential to optimal health. But the benefits of exercise go beyond just strong muscles and a fit cardiovascular system. Regular workouts can help us sleep better, improve our memory, brain function, and mood, increase our energy levels, make us happier and even improve our sex lives #nice

It might just my own observation, but there seems to be somewhat of a separation between those who are in the holistic health camp and those in the traditional fitness camp.

Where holistic fitness includes mainly yoga and pilates, while the more mainstream fitness advocates focus on strength training and more intense cardio sessions.

However, each of these areas is important. Holistic living does not mean neglecting strength or cardio in favor of more gentle forms of exercise. To get the most out of your fitness routine, be sure to include a little of everything!

Mary | The Flying Couponer
How to Start Walking for Exercise

Diane | Turning Clock Back
What You Need to Know About Yoga Before Your First Class

Shelby | Fit As A Mama Bear
10 Full Body At Home Workouts Round Up Post

From Holistically Minded

Finding Your Fitness Motivation (when you have ZERO motivation or time)

20 Home Gym Essentials for $20 or Less (build your own home gym for only $100!)

Need a way to plan, organize and track your fitness goals? Download my free fitness planner pack.

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Stress is a sneaky, sneaky beast. By the end of the day, it’s easy to find ourselves in the eye of that monster and not be entirely sure how we arrived there.

Subconscious negative thoughts and feelings are powerful. Before we know it they’ve lead us down a dark path of binge eating, watching too much Netflix, casting dirty looks at all our family members and going to bed way too late #thestruggleisreal

Not only can stress cause anxiety and depression but as most of us are aware, chronic stress has serious physical implications as well. From high blood pressure to obesity to digestive issues to accelerated aging among many other dangerous side effects.

That’s why regular self-care and stress management practices are so important! Get control of and stay on top of anxiety and stress before it has the chance to derail your holistic living efforts. This is the essence of caring for our mind and spirit.

De-stress and keep your mindset in the right place with these helpful resources.

Relieve stress naturally

Julia | Wahlnut Mama
Natural Stress Relief Tips and Checklist

Kathy | One Crazy Mom
Best Essential Oils for Relaxation

Veronica | Boss Princess 101
11 Tips for Stressed Out Moms

From Holistically Minded

Best Foods to Beat Anxiety and Stress

Ease Anxiety and Depression in Minutes With This One Simple Technique

Start a mindfulness and meditation practice

Kelly | Tasting Page
6 Ways to Meditate That Don’t Include Sitting Cross-Legged on the Floor

5 Things to Do Every Day to Be Happy

Laura | The Mindful Mom Blographer
6 Bloggers Share Their #1 Mindful and Intentional Living Tip

Sara | The Holy Mess
20 Ways to Eat More Mindfully

Include self-care rituals in your daily routine

Cassandra | Uncommonly Well
35 Self-Care Ideas to Refresh Your Mind Body & Soul

Katie | My Sweet Home Life
Self-Care For Busy Women
15 Ways to Live a Life of Simple Satisfaction

Stormy | The Happy Herbal Home
5 Quick and Easy Things Moms Can Do Every Day For Self-Care

From Holistically Minded

9 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

5-Day Mindset Reset Journal – 5 days to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate calm and joyful thinking so you can manifest your health goals (free download)

holistic living


If you want to make any kind of lasting change in the state your health, you will have to implement consistent daily habits to get yourself there.

The health and wellness bloggers below outline simple strategies for incorporating powerful daily habits into your daily routine (that you can start today!)

Emily | Naturally Free Life
10 Steps to Begin Your Natural, Non-Toxic Lifestyle

Andrea | Natural Green Mom
30 Habits of Healthy Happy People

Jen | Intentional Healthy Living
Simple Ways to Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Laura | Natural Healing Hope
How to Start Listening to Your Body to Restore Your Health

Elaina | The Rising Spoon
Minimalist Living: Why Having Less Actually Helps You Get More Out of Life

From Holistically Minded

6 Secrets of Making Healthy Habits Stick So You Can Reach Your Health Goals

holistic living

The amount of toxins we’re bombarded with every day is staggering! From denatured foods, cleaning and self-care products, pollution, amalgam fillings, furniture, clothing, tap water, EMFs, prescription or OTC drugs, pesticides and much, much more.

Obviously, we can’t escape every toxin, but we can start to decrease what we come in contact with by opting for natural and organic home, cleaning, bath and beauty products.

Why non-toxic living is important for your health + how to ditch the toxins

Teresa | Living Natural Today
Minimizing Toxins: A Crucial Strategy For Optimal Health

Micaela | Mindful Momma
4 Good Reasons to Buy Natural, Non-Toxic Products

Brooke | This Little Blog of Mind
Be Green: 10 Simple Changes You Can Make At Home

Kristy | Life N Reflection
20 Must Have Green Living Essentials

5-Point Checklist For Green Living Goals

7 Day Challenge to More Natural Living

Detox your home

Paige | Natural Mom Life
5 Steps to a Toxin-Free Home

Elizabeth | Zesty Olive
5 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Kitchen Tools

Brittany | The Pistachio Project
6 DIY Cleaners That Will Green Your Life

Victoria | My Momtastic Life
DIY Dryer Sheets – Reusable and Natural

Sara | DIY and Kawa
Homemade Natural Laundry Detergent

Sonja & Jane | Sustain My Craft Habit
DIY Natural Coffee Wood Stain and Beeswax Furniture Polish

Kay | Paws and Pines
Natural and Eco-Friendly Cat Litters

Detox your bath and beauty products

Sarah | Sarah Ever After
DIY Dry Shampoo

Kathy | One Crazy Mom
Tea Tree Oil Face Toner for Acne Prone Skin

Gabrielle | Eye Candy Popper
I Don’t Wear Deodorant. There, I Said It.

Victoria | My Momtastic Life
DIY Honey Chamomile Face Wash

Sara | DIY and Kawa
Non-Toxic Toothpaste

From Holistically Minded

20 Natural and Organic Beauty Finds Under $20

holistic living


Natural healing modalities and natural remedies are broad topics covering many aspects of our health and wellness. This list below isn’t meant to be all-inclusive, but rather to give you a starting point.

Create a natural home medicine cabinet

Katie | Wellness Mama
How to Create a Home Remedies Checklist

Emily | Holistic Squid
How to Stock Your Holistic Home Remedy Kit

Kristie | Saving Dollars and Sense
Essential Oils 101: Everything You Need To Know

Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

Teresa | Moms Who Save
Natural Ways to Treat Allergies

Try alternative healing therapies

From Holistically Minded

Sound Healing – what it is and how to use this energy healing modality

Unblock Your Energy and Get Unstuck With EFT

These posts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is available in the way of holistic living resources.

Still, I hope these links serve as a starting point to not only educate you but also inspire you, motivate you, and provide an introduction to many valuable sources of information and perspectives on this lifestyle.

[I also highly recommend the Food Matters TV membership site. Their extensive library of recipes, meal plans, documentaries, workout videos and wellness programs has been a game changer for me! This valuable and affordable resource makes holistic living so much easier.]

If you’re ready to dive in and start setting healthy living goals, be sure to download the free Healthy Habits Toolkit. Writing down and mapping out goals is powerful!

This planner will guide you through 8 important steps to goal setting, help you determine mindset blocks that may be holding you back, and keep you organized so you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Start prioritizing your health today so that you can show up as your best self! When kept in balance, I guarantee holistic living is a journey you’ll never regret embarking on.

Have you started your own holistic health journey? Let me know how it’s going in the comments!

13 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Holistic Living For Beginners”

  1. This is such an awesome collection of resources! I’ve been switching over to more natural products and remedies for awhile now and it can be overwhelming at times. Love your advice to pick just a few areas at a time — or even just one — to work on so that we’re setting ourselves up for success. Thanks for sharing this and thank you so much for including my blog post in this article too!

  2. What awesome information! So many great links! Thanks for going through all the work to compile this. I look forward to lots of reading 🙂

      1. Found this article helpful. I’ve been switching slowly to a more healthy way of living. I only clean with essential oils and Norwex products. I diffuse oils instead of burning candles, unless they are made by my cousin who only uses essential oils and natural ingredients. This will fit rightin.

  3. What a labor of love! Thank you for including my ebook and for providing such a wonderful and beautiful post for your readers. “There’s always a healthier, more holistic option”, so starting with just one change, and making continuous improvements, will make a world of difference in the long run.

  4. These resources are wonderful! What great tips!

    I love the way you have it organized. I do so well in some areas, like second nature. But other areas I could use some work on. So this is super helpful!

    1. I’m so glad this is helpful to you Anna! We’re probably all that way, where we do very well in a few areas but have a hard time with others. But that’s OK – progress, not perfection!

  5. This is such an awesome collection of resources! I’ve been switching over to more natural products and remedies for awhile now and it can be overwhelming at times. Love your advice to pick just a few areas at a time — or even just one — to work on so that we’re setting ourselves up for success. Thanks for sharing this and thank you so much for including my blog post in this article too! 🙂

  6. Wow, this is a great resource you have put together. Thank you for including a link to my blog. I am going to pin this post to reference time and time again. Great idea! Thanks so much!

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