How to get out of a funk and get back to healthy living

11 Ways to Get Out of a Funk & Get Back to Healthy Living

11 Tips to Get You Out of a Funk and Back on Track With Your Health Goals | Tales of a Scrunchy Mom

In a funk when it comes to healthy living?

Stuck in a rut? Unmotivated? Struggling to stick with healthy habits?

You haven’t worked out for the 6th week month in a row.

Your daily meals consist of an embarrassing amount of carbs (bread with more bread anyone?).

You can’t remember the last time you did anything resembling self-care (you mean there are people who have time for that?) aaand . . .

You’re pretty sure you’ve gained some weight/ wrinkles/ gray hairs but you’re avoiding mirrors these days, so who knows . . .

Sound familiar?

If you haven’t been here at least once at some point in your adult experience, I’m going to assume you’re an alien reading this blog and are a little lost (but please stay and teach us your ways!)

If not, here are 11 ways to get yourself out of a funk and get back to feeling like a healthy living super-star again.

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How to get out of a funk and get back to healthy living

Take a big fat braindump

Get out a piece of paper and free write on your mind relating to your health goals (or lack-there-of). Every worry, every secret fear, every wanna-be goal, every health aspiration (have at it lady – no one’s reading this but you!).

No self-judgment, no correcting, no re-reading every 10 seconds, just pure free flow. It doesn’t have to sound pretty or even make sense – word vomit onto that page sister-friend! Let this be cathartic.

I’ve found that doing this every now and then is extremely helpful to decluttering my mind, releasing tension, and soothing stress. Refusing to acknowledge how I really feel only leads to more anxiety and frustration. We can’t fix what we refuse to look at.

Focus on your biggest stressors/ challenges

Alright, now that all that anxiety is no longer lurking in the back of your mind, scan through your brain dump page.

What issues jump out at you and scream the loudest? What bothers you the most? Is it your diet? Lack of exercise? Are you moving through your day like a zombie for lack of sleep? Do you desperately need more time for yourself?

Pick just a couple of bad habits you need to work on. Grab another sheet of paper and re-write them. These areas are now your priority items, your new healthy living goals.

How to Get Out of Funk and Back to.Healthy Living | Tales of a Scrunchy Mom

Release and let go

The flip side of focusing on your biggest, most nagging areas to work on is that you’ll need to let go of the other items on your braindump page (for now anyway).

If you’re a recovering perfectionist like me (ok, sort of – it’s a long road), this can be difficult.

We want to do all.the.things, and often put a ridiculous amount of pressure on ourselves – then get frustrated or downhearted when we inevitably miss the mark (because we ALL miss the mark at some point) and fail to accomplish everything on our “should-do” list.

Make things easier on yourself by choosing to focus only on your MPIs (Most Pressing Issues) and let go of the rest.

Consider what demotivates you

In relation to each MPI, consider why you’re not currently meeting this goal. What is demotivating you and contributing to your “stuckness”?

Do you have any limiting beliefs such as “I don’t have enough time to do this,” “It’s too hard,” or “I don’t know how”? Are there other negative thoughts of your self-worth or abilities floating around in your head? Do you want to achieve these goals for YOU or because of pressure from someone else?

You may have already written down some of these things on your braindump page. Think about these. Are they true? How can you reframe these limiting beliefs into positive affirmations?

For example, turn “But I don’t have enough time!” into “I make time for things that are important to me.”

Be honest with how you got here

Maybe you used to be a healthy living superstar once upon a time. You ate well, you exercised, you got enough sleep, you made space for downtime.

If you’re not engaging in healthy habits anymore, what lead to this change?

Falling off the healthy living bandwagon can sometimes happen so gradually it takes us a while to notice it.

We can get off track from various minor events – an indulgent vacation, a few too many late nights, a prolonged illness or anything else that disrupts our regular routine. What bad habits have you picked up along the way? How can you course correct?

However, it could be that you’ve had a major change in life circumstances such as a new baby, a move, a change in jobs or financial situation. Whatever the case may be, perhaps you need to cut yourself some slack and readjust your goals for a time.

11 Ways to Get Out of a Funk and Back to Healthy Living | Tales of s Scrunchy Mom

Simplify, simplify, simplify

Healthy living doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. Often we get so hung up on exactly what diet to follow or the next best fitness gadget or system we think we need (we probably don’t), that the basic principles of health are lost on us. 

I’m willing to bet you’re not in a funk because of a lack of diet books 😉 Sometimes we can get into a rut because of information overload, perfectionism, and shiny object syndrome.

Quit piling more pressure on yourself and focus on the basics. Eat more plant foods, drink plenty of water, get out and go for a walk, enjoy time with your family, get to bed at a decent hour. Do what you can and let go of the rest!

Holistic, healthy living should ease your stress and anxiety not create more.

how to get out of a funk

80/20 your goals

The Pareto Principle or rule of 80/20 states that you get the most bang for your buck when you focus on the 20% of activity that produces 80% of the results.

The benefit lies in avoiding things that waste your time and making the most of your daily habits.

How can you apply this to healthy living goals?

Since you’ve already whittled down your areas of focus, think of what you can do here to make the biggest impact on your goals with the least amount of effort (as in 20% effort for 80% return).

Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you want to start exercising or are struggling to be consistent with it, instead of committing to an hour of jogging opt for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) type of workouts. With HIIT, you’ll only need to perform 15-20 minutes to reap the same (or even better) fitness gains . . . And, voila, you just saved yourself 40 minutes 😉


  • Or instead of dragging out your strength workouts by separating upper body and lower body into different workouts on different days, try Tabata or compound exercises (that work multiple muscle groups at once) in a quick full-body circuit.
  • If you’re struggling to fit in all your servings of fruits and vegetables each day, include nutrient-packed smoothies. With healthy smoothies, you can quickly fill up on multiple servings of plant foods as well as powerful supplements all in one portable and easy to digest package.


  • If you’re in serious need of downtime but not sure how you’re going to squeeze it in, think about what you enjoy the most that will also take the least amount of time. Journaling? Yoga? Meditation? Art? Listening to music? Reading? Schedule just 10 minutes (or less!) into your day for at least one of these activities.

Pick ONE thing

Maybe you have several actions that will reap your 80% but to cut down on overwhelm and make this as simple as possible, just pick one thing.

ONE daily habit you know you can incorporate and stick to which is going to build the most forward momentum for your healthy living goals (and get you out of a funk!).

Write your goal down and . . .

  1. Decide on when, where and how you’ll complete this activity.
  2. Consider what obstacles may come up and how you can work around those.
  3. Prepare by making sure you have what you need and schedule this action into your routine.

Try something new

Get inspired by trying a new ebook or ecourse to keep your wellness goals fresh and relevant.

If you’re unmotivated and bored, the Food Matters TV may be just what you need! I’ve been using this library of wellness resources, from challenges to meal plans to recipes, workouts, and documentaries (they’ve got it all!) for over 3 years.

Seriously, check them out! You can get your first 10 days free when you use any of my links.

Start your free 10-day trial of FMTV!

Create a mantra

Once upon a time, I came up with the mantra “Run from saddlebags, run to hot in the saddle”  It’s based on the girlfriend from the movie Joe Dirt whose amazing bod always motivated me to work on my own.

To come up with your own mantra, think about what inspires you or look back at the positive affirmations you came up with in tip #4. When you don’t feel like following through with your goals, repeat this mantra to reenergize yourself. 

Tap into the power of tapping

Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to bust through negative thinking patterns, put yourself in a positive mindset and break the cognitive cycle of bad habits. Read more here.

Notice what you’re doing right

Just because you feel like you’re in a funk when it comes to healthy living, doesn’t mean you’re doing everything wrong.

What good habits do you regularly incorporate? Are you drinking enough water every day? Getting enough sleep? Walking to the park with your kids? Celebrate those accomplishments!

Although it may not feel like you’re doing “enough,” allow yourself to recognize and build upon your strengths. Maybe you’re not doing as badly as you think! Plus a little positivity will give you the mental boost you need to keep going.

Have you used these tips before? What helps you to get out of a funk when it comes to healthy habits?

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