You don't need one more diet and exercise plan . . .




What you need are set of non-negotiable healthy habits you'll actually stick to and the mindset shifts that create lasting change . . . for life 


Do any of these descriptions sound like you?

Healthy Habits for Life Reboot self-paced course by Holistically Minded😟  I have good intentions but after a few days or weeks my motivation fizzles out or life gets in the way and I end going back to bad habits. I just can’t seem to make anything stick!

😓  I want to do all.the.things and I start off so well. But after pushing it for a few weeks, I get so burned out and tired of keeping up with it all I lose my drive.

😒  I sign up for every free healthy living thing I can get my hands on. I plan and plan and plan . . . but then never really DO anything to reach my goals. I’m so fed up with myself.

😕  I want to live healthier but I have my reservations. Healthy eating and healthy living are expensive. Plus I’m a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of extra time. Making these changes is going to take a lot of effort. How do I overcome these obstacles?


If you're struggling to achieve the vibrant health you want because you're unable to see your wellness goals to completion, I can almost guarantee one or more of the following is true ... 


✘  You haven't set your wellness goals properly

✘  You're working at your goals from a place of panic, anxiety or overwhelm

✘  You have negative thinking patterns or limiting beliefs that cause you to self-sabotage over and over again

✘  You're not sure how to make habits stick for longer than a few days or weeks

✘ You rely entirely on motivation to take action

✘  You beat yourself up or don't know how to course correct when obstacles arise or you "fall off the wagon"

The Healthy Habits for Life Reboot is your virtual mindset coach to guide and support you in creating a personalized wellness plan with healthy habits you'll actually stick to by helping you break free of the limiting beliefs holding you back

This is an area that’s often overlooked when someone is attempting to reach a goal.

But here’s the crucial thing to setting goals you’ll actually follow through and reach . . .


If your thinking patterns and underlying beliefs are not in-line with your ultimate goal, you’re going to run into the same roadblocks, self-sabotaging behaviors and subconscious resistance that have already caused you to fall short of your desired outcome again and again.

Imagine IF YOU COULD...


✓  Reach that health goal you've been procrastinating on without the worry, stress, guilt and overwhelm

✓  Set a wellness goal and be confident you're going to reach it instead of just hoping that you do

✓  Keep making progress on your goals even on the days you don't feel 100% motivated 

✓  Get back on track with your healthy lifestyle any time life throws you a curveball - with less discouragement and more self-forgiveness and love

Healthy Habits for Life self-paced course from Holistically Minded

By the end of this course, you will . . . 

Healthy Habits for Life Reboot self-paced course from Holistically Minded

Have mapped out a customized wellness program for the next 30-60 days that fits your budget, schedule, and lifestyle - there is NO one size fits all here! This course is designed to guide you in choosing the lifestyle habits that are right for you and how to use successful goal setting strategies to make your vision a reality.

Healthy Habits for LIfe Reboot self-paced course by Holistically Minded

Learn the cognitive behavioral therapy and energy healing techniques that will help you overcome the limited or negative thinking patterns that are holding you back and ensure that you actually take action on your new habits so that they STICK!

Healthy Habits for Life Reboot self-paced course by Holistically Minded

Understand how to keep your momentum and motivation high over the long-term despite inevitable setbacks and obstacles, because these new healthy habits are NOT a quick fix - they’re a lifestyle!

Healthy Habits for LIfe Reboot self-paced course by Holistically Minded

Have a system in place for getting back on track if you fall off the healthy living bandwagon - and how to practice self-love and forgiveness when you do.

Through 6 modules and 17 lessons, you'll learn how to... 

✓  Establish healthy habits that actually STICK

✓  Stop planning and start DOING

✓ Get out of a funk and get back on track with your healthy living and wellness goals with CBT techniques (aka “mindset hacks”)

✓  Challenge fears, limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, and demotivating factors with a simple psychological hack

✓  Learn to think long-term with healthy habits, rather than a temporary fix

✓  Continue to keep your motivation up and stay inspired past the initial 6-weeks (I’ll show you how)

✓  Practice self-love and self-forgiveness when you fall off the healthy living bandwagon - and learn how to get back on track (because it happens to the best of us!)

Anyone can do a wellness challenge for a week, workout for a few days or commit to a temporary diet (and that's great!).

But inconsistent action will never get you the results you desire.

True transformation takes place when you get off the cycle of self-sabotage, break through the limiting beliefs holding you back and learn to establish healthy habits that last a lifetime. 


"This course is laid out so clearly and it's easy to use and follow. It really helps you get to the root reason of why making changes is important to you, and gives you the tools to overcome limiting beliefs. It's very motivating for self-reflection and making a positive shift!"

- ERICA, busy working mama of two


6 modules and 17 lessons 

Video (over 2.5 hours) and text of every lesson 

Bonus meditations and affirmations

Journal and workbook pages for every lesson

Healthy Habits for Life Reboot by Holistically Minded

When you have consistent healthy habits in place and approach your wellness efforts from a place of peace and calm rather than chaos and panic, you'll finally be able to...


✔  Get off the rollercoaster of inconsistency -- no more starting and stopping over and over again

✔  Ditch the excuses, fears, anxiety and guilt that hold you back

✔  Finally reach your goals and be able to show up as your healthiest self for your loved ones

✔  Actually ENJOY healthy living rather than feeling overwhelmed, guilty or anxious

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30 days to master your mindset, hack your habits, and manifest your wellness goals!

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Liane | Holistically Minded

Hi! I'm Liane


As a working mother of two, I know how difficult it can be to prioritize your own health while also juggling the demands of a growing family. I spent too many years feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced in my approach to my own wellness.

After many frustrating years, I finally got off the yo-yo diets, fitness fads and roller coaster starts and stops, and learned how to create a lasting holistic lifestyle that I have consistently stuck to for over 7 years.

Now as a mindset and wellness lifestyle coach, and holistic nutritionist in training, I help busy, burned out mamas stop the constant struggle and inconsistency by teaching them how to prioritize themselves again with successful goal setting, powerful mindset shifts, and healing holistic strategies so they can reclaim their energy and finally become their most healthy, vibrant selves.

This program is for you if:

You're ready to take control of your health and wellness once and for all -- without temporary fixes or bandaid approaches

You're ready to do the mindset work necessary to bust through the limiting beliefs holding you back

You're ready to commit to your wellness and make yourself a priority again

This program is NOT for you if:

You're not ready to turn your wellness goals into a lifestyle and simply want a quick fix

You think mindset work, journaling, meditation, and energy healing is too "woo-woo"

You're not willing to make a commitment to yourself over the next 6-weeks and beyond


Questions? Here are the FAQ

When does the program begin and end?

This is a self-paced course that begins and ends when you choose. You can go through the course as slowly or as quickly as you like!

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! You have unlimited access to the course indefinitely, that includes any changes or bonus material/modules that may be included later at no additional charge.

How is the course content delivered?

The Healthy Habits for Life Reboot is delivered in both video and text format for every lesson. Each lesson provides an actionable assignment to help you apply what you're learning and get the most out of the course. When you register you'll gain instant access and receive an email with your login information. Weekly email check-ins will remind you to log in and help keep you on track.

Get the Healthy Habits for Life Reboot self-paced course > > 

30 days to master your mindset, hack your habits, and manifest your wellness goals!

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